About Me

In an attempt to be candor

Name: Rahul Andra

Age : 16

Current Location : Hyderabad, India

Hello everybody, my name is Rahul and im a 11th grader living in Hyderabad, India. I go to Indus International School Hyderabad and im doing the IB Syllabus. I completed IGCSE last year and this year I am going to write my SATs and A.P exams. I am a Computer Science aspirant and I am try to get into either Stanford or UCB for my undergraduate course (there are other schools in my list of  course).

Enjoy my blog =)



2 responses to “About Me

  1. Good initiative/ blog Rahul. Keep it up! Also Good Luck for IB and SAT …hope you make it to a good school.

    A couple suggestions:

    1. Clean up the blog a little bit …see if you can remove the current default blog roll.

    2. Put your posts in a chronological order …you can highlight and have separate sections for your projects …but chronological order helps timeline/ chronicle your life and will be easy for people to keep track of what’s latest and greatest in your life.

    3. Link this blog to Twitter and/ or Facebook …so your followers/ friends will get notified when you post some thing new.

  2. Good Start Rahul – Blogging allows you to express your views to the world. Good luck with IB as well as College Admissions. Cheers Sateesh

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