Global Warming doesn’t exist? Think again….

Does global warming exist? After news reports stated that 2010 was the hottest year experienced by mankind, this question seems like a rhetorical question. The debate over global warming is coming towards an end as the existence of global warming has become highly obvious.

Scorching temperatures during summer in Russia and Greenland play a significant role in the average rise of the earth’s temperature. In addition, Bangladesh experienced its driest monsoon since 1994 and extreme heat waves occurred throughout Asia . In Pakistan the mercury soared as temperatures rose to a staggering 53.5 °C  (highest ever recorded in Asia), and around 300 people fell prey to the overwhelming and sizzling heat in North India. Jordan and Iraq recorded their highest individual temperatures at around 52 °C . Southwest China experienced its worst drought in a hundred years as 50 million people were unable to receive a barely consistent supply of water. All of these events are not coincidences…It is quite eminent that Global Warming isknocking on our doorsteps.

It must be kept in mind that Global Warming is not only responsible for the gradual rise in the Earth temperature, but it is also held accountable for severe natural disasters and anomalies. Frigid blizzards hit Europe this year and Ireland and Scotland recorded their coldest temperatures yet. Absurd happenings are present in a plethora; for instance, the Indian state of Bihar experienced its first ever tornado in 2010.  And who could forget the devastating floods that battered Western Australia towards the end of the year. The possibility that we might not get affected by these “rare” disasters is quite bleak. I believe it is time that we work towards a low carbon planet, or brace ourselves for disasters such as tornadoes and dramatic changes in temperature.

Many skeptics state that El Nino (a fairly common climate phenomena) is responsible for the surge in last year’s average temperature. But this  argument is quite a petty one as the past decade is the warmest decade recorded – thus El Nino is not a valid excuse for the deterioration of the ozone layer. Polar ice caps in the Arctic have been literally disintegrating, although ice shelves have actually been forming in the Antarctic! This shows that there is still hope to overcome the challenges Global Warming poses for the future – so we better alter our habits significantly right now ….before its too late.